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Connect with migrants, immigration lawyers, consultants and other immigration services providers. 


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"A migrant's ability to move to a particular destination, find a job and housing, open up a business, participate in the development of their home country and access health care can all be directly impacted by or even dependent upon the migrant's social network."
Maritsa Poros


Connect with other like-minded people and create professional communities around the issues that matter the most to you.

Besides providing all necessary infrastructure to expats and cross border travelers, this platform reduces the risk of scammers and fraudsters to exploit immigrants and other vulnerable on-the-go populations.

Please join this network and spread the words with your fellow immigrants, lawyers and immigration services providers to join.

Let us make our community safer and better, together.

A Social Network For you.


Migrants can connect with other migrants, send text messages, join groups, post classifieds, sell products, download documents, and find addresses.

Immigration Experts

Services providers can receive direct messages even without joining the network, respond to questions, list as an expert, and register as a services providers. 

Support Society

It is not restricted to migrants only, therefor, even non migrants can join the network to respond to the ever increasing needs of the immigration industry. 


More features are coming every day!

Post updates: That includes text, photo, audio, video, poll and Strava activity,

Members: Browse members, see their profiles, and send requests,

Messages: Send private messages & do real-time chat,

Groups: Create highly customizable groups for your interests,

Classifieds: Why pay for ads if you can post them for free?

Product Directory: Post your products and get direct requests,

Business Directory: Find out all of immigration service providing firms/businesses,

Experts Directory: Browse all immigration experts, such as lawyers and consultants,

And 100s of others

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