Ali Yusuf, Founding Lawyer

Position: Founding Lawyer


Mr. Yusuf is the founder of Lighthouse Law Group. Mr. Yusuf has a deep interest in Criminal Law and Immigration at both the local and International levels. This wide interest allows him to address clients needs from a multidimensional perspective.  Mr. Yusuf is always upto date with the most current news, case-law and international politics. Mr. Yusuf holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.) from the University of Toronto in Political Science, a Law Degree from the University of Victoria (LL.B); and Masters in Law (LL.M.) from Osgoode Hall in Toronto, specializing in Criminal Law. Mr. Yusuf is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia and a member of the Canadian Bar Association. Mr. Yusuf has practiced law for over 20 years including seven years as a Crown Prosecutor. Mr. Yusuf is also a University Instructor.

He has successfully conducted criminal trials at both the Provincial Court Level and Supreme Court levels.


B.A. (Toronto), LL.B (UVic),  LL.M. (Osgoode). Member of the Law Society of BC. Member of CBA.


His experience in Immigration Law and Criminal Law is unparalleled. Mr. Yusuf has appeared before the Federal Court of Canada and before each level of the the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada on Immigration matters. He has conducted over 1800 hearings before various Canada Immigration Boards.

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